Door Closer Repair Service

No matter how inviting your storefront looks, every customer's first impression is made once they open the entrance door. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Tampa Bay always ensure your business makes a good impression by providing you with expert commercial door closer care and repair services. Door closers serve a great purpose for any business, offering customers a smooth, easy access to your business.

Door Closer Basics

Door closers serve a great purpose to business owners by providing sustainability, mobility and security. An expertly installed door closer guarantees ease of use, no matter how large or heavy the door. When a door is opened, the door closer causes a slight "back-pressure", depending on the weight of the door. This slight pressure vanishes as the door glides easily open in front of the user. When released, the spring-loaded hydraulics also allow the door to close slowly and gently – without the chance of slamming shut.

Door Closer Repair

Several problems are common to commercial door closers, typically caused by age, component failure or neglect. Door closers can operate smoothly for years without anyone noticing that they are doing their job correctly. It's only when something is seriously wrong with these closers that they become noticeable and potentially dangerous.

The experts at Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay will quickly locate and repair the problem using high-quality door closer components. Our level of superior customer service and expertise at both door closer repairs and new installations are unmatched in the industry. Here are a few problems requiring door closer repairs:

Incompatible door closers: The wrong size or type of door closer can create potentially serious safety risks for users, even leading to possible doorframe damage or door misalignment. Installing the right equipment is important to our experts, who take into account to each business's security needs and customer traffic levels.

Faulty installation or adjustments: Every door closer must be properly and securely attached to the door and frame for peak performance. Our experts use specialized techniques to accurately install and adjust door closers in order to protect your doors from these potential problems:

  • Damage to the door or frame
  • Safety and security risks caused by malfunction or failure
  • Erratic or jerky door closer movement

Leaking oil: Leaky door closer cylinders can create a safety risk to people entering and exiting your business. Our commercial door closer care specialists always attempt to make precise repairs before recommending replacements.

Lock problems: A faulty door closer can interfere successfully locking a door, affecting the closer and the integrity of the door and frame, creating a potential security risk.

Our Door Closer Maintenance Services

Don't be the business owner who unintentionally voids a door closer warranty by hiring unskilled repair teams. The highly experienced specialists at Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay offer on-site inspections and ongoing door closer care options. Our commercial door closer program guarantees you unequaled customer service and unmatched expertise in repairing/installing door closers, thresholds, doorframes and custom commercial glass installation and repairs. Give us a call or fill out an online request form.