Clear Choice Protectant

Apply Clear Choice™ to your cherished bathroom surfaces to preserve their shine for years to come. Protect tub enclosures, sinks, shower doors, toilets, windows, counters and much more with Clear Choice Protectant. With a single application of our film, you will be saving yourself an enormous amount of time and money on cleaning chemicals or arduous scrubbing. Not only that, Clear Choice renders a surface both water and oil repellent which contributes to eliminating mold or mildew. Soap scum and hard water problems are also minimized with Clear Choice. This defensive layer will keep your bathroom in pristine condition. Glass Doctor® of Sarasota will apply clear choice to protect all your precious home surfaces.

Protect Your Investment

Your bathroom surfaces such as tile, granite, porcelain and glass will become damaged due to issues like hard water stains. Clear Choice works to keep your surfaces safe from harm by forming a water, oil, stain and scratch resistant layer of defense. Since few particles cling to the material, cleaning is a breeze with Clear Choice. A single application of clear choice protects silica-based surfaces for up to five years. With clear choice by Glass Doctor of Sarasota, you will enjoy surfaces that have protection from:

  • Mineral Deposits
  • Hard Water
  • Weathering
  • Pollutants
  • Mold
  • Mildew

Homeowners everywhere are relying on Clear Choice to keep their bathroom surfaces shining like new. Breathe new live into your living environment and increase your home's resale value while you do it. You'll never see your bathroom looking better. Clear Choice protectant has oil and water resistant properties, contributing to:

  • Protection from scratches, gouges, stains and more
  • Elimination of mold, mildew and bacteria
  • More shine to surfaces
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Protection from hard water etching

Contact Glass Doctor of Sarasota for comprehensive glass treatment solutions for your bathroom. Ask our specialists about Clear Choice protectant along with our many other services. To renovate your bathroom, consider installing a new tub enclosure or ornate shower door. Call today for a free consultation or complete a quick service request online to learn more about our glass treatment options.