Double Pane Windows

Homes in the Sarasota area experience extreme weather conditions, which range from frequent temperature fluctuations to severe storms and hurricanes. The climate has serious consequences for your home’s windows, which are the core causes of temperature exchange on a structure.

The qualified team at Glass Doctor®of Sarasota specializes in the installation of insulated glass units (IGUs) that maintain consistent temperatures to regulate your interior atmosphere. Our specialists install double pane windows, a type of IGU, and deliver other services to ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient.

The Impact of a Damaged Window

double pane window

Windows with improper or leaky seals allow climate-controlled air to flow out of the house, while allowing drafts to seep into the interior. Homes equipped with double pane windows don’t fare much better, as this type of glass faces similar challenges if a seal is cracked or broken. A foggy appearance or moisture inside the panes is a sure sign that the window’s seal has its ability to insulate.

Insulated Glass Benefits

An IGU consists of two or more glass panes, separated by an insulating spacer. The perimeter of the window is then sealed to prevent moisture from accumulating between the panes.

The main advantage of insulated glass is that it reduces temperature exchange, keeping the heat inside in the winter and out in summer. The end result is a home that’s better able to maintain consistent conditions for the comfort of its occupants. However, there’s another benefit to IGUs: They’re more energy efficient, which reduces heating and cooling bills significantly. Ultimately, your HVAC systems will run less often, saving wear and tear on these expensive components.

Insulated Glass Replacement

The Glass Doctor of Sarasota team handles replacement of damaged IGUs. Our specialists are skilled at removing the affected panes and installing IGUs into the existing frames. The process eliminates the cost and hassle of replacing the entire window.

If you’re seeing indications that your window has been damaged, please contact Glass Doctor of Sarasota. We can consult with you to determine your best options for double pane windows.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.