Advance Measurement System

When disaster strikes, business owners must act fast to minimize lost productivity and get operations back to normal as soon as possible. Having a proper business recovery plan is essential for restoring operations with a minimum of hassle. Glass Doctor® of Sarasota offers several programs that make it simple to incorporate commercial glass care into a new or existing business recovery plan.

Advance Measurement System

When Glass Doctor of Sarasota responds to make repairs, one of the most time consuming tasks is taking precise glass measurements and determining exactly what type of glass matches the damaged pane. When you sign up for the Advance Measurement System, we'll do the preliminary work before a problem arises. Our glass experts will come to your business and conduct a detailed inspection of your business's glass components. This includes determining the type of glass used, taking measurements and completing a complete glass diagram with each component numbered for easy identification. We'll provide you with a copy for your records and add one to your file in our office.

Faster Emergency Repairs 

If you suffer glass damage, all you need to do is call Glass Doctor of Sarasota and use the diagram to identify the damaged unit. We'll load our trucks with what we need to make a repair upon arrival. This alone can cut the time required for a repair in half. 

In-Stock Options

If you operate a business that suffers frequent glass damage, consider our glass stock option. We'll ensure we keep replacement glass in our inventory. If your business has special glass requirements, this can save time.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Speed: Pre-measurements means faster repairs.
  • Convenience: Prevent delays in restoring full operation.
  • Savings: Prevent losses due to downtime and save with a single-trip repair.
  • Image: Portray your store in the best possible light by avoiding unsightly temporary repairs.
  • Easy payment: Establish your account and pre-fund it to avoid unexpected operating costs.

Add commercial glass care to your business recovery plan to ensure you're always ready for glass damage. Schedule a Glass Doctor of Sarasota Advance Measurement visit today.