Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Sarasota knows what it takes to do business in Sarasota, and our specialists are trained to help you maintain your property and serve your customers efficiently. Our commercial glass repair and replacement services are especially geared to enhance a building's business success. We also offer special programs and services that give our commercial clients a leg up and improve business.

Commercial Glass Care in Sarasota


Cutting corners isn't an option in the food service industry, and it's not how we operate either. From hygienic sneeze guards and counter tops to industrial-strength windows and kitchen installations, our custom glass installations are capable of handling the demands of Sarasota's hungriest customers. We will work with you to customize glass panes that fit your brand image and ensure you pass restaurant health codes.


If you manage an apartment building or condominium complex, you rely on glass to keep your property and its amenities as efficient and attractive as possible. Your glass should also keep tenants safe, resist vandalism and weather damage. Reflect your dedication to quality; choose a glass solution with our specialists' help. We install safety backing for mirrors, tempered glass for pools and gyms, and custom glass patio doors that slide open and show off the Sarasota skies.

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Retail Stores

If your storefront panes shatter overnight, call Glass Doctor of Sarasota, FL. Our on-call specialists will come to your retail location and perform an emergency commercial glass repair, allowing you to get back to business right away. Our Advanced Measurement system even speeds up the glass replacement process for retailers, making sure your panes are in stock at all times. We also offer optional coats of Hydrophobic Coating, a glass protectant that wards off scratches and stains for up to five years. Reduce your maintenance and cleaning costs while elevating your curb appeal with this exclusive shield.


Sarasota is a beautiful place to go to school, and we want to make sure our city's many campuses allow students to tap into the views and resources of academic life on the bay. We help administrators maintain their campuses with durable glass installations, including custom glass installations that range from trophy display cases to bathroom mirrors and dorm room windows.


Hotel and motel windows must withstand excessive wear and tear, but Sarasota places extra demands on overnight accommodations. Your glass installations must also contend with salty sea breezes, hurricane-strength winds and high levels of heat and humidity. Fortunately, our high-quality glass window panes are available in countless sizes and types, including heavy-duty laminate glass, floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors that are perfect for individual hotel rooms.

Government Buildings

City and county buildings are public spaces that serve important needs for the Sarasota community. Your government buildings should reflect your respect for the taxpayers who fund them, allow employees to perform their jobs safely and efficiently, and keep you firmly in the present. If your glass doors don't slide open properly, your door glass is faded and outdated, or your indoor partitions are smudged and cracked, Glass Doctor of Sarasota, FL, will step in to restore your building's curb appeal and functionality. We also retrofit government buildings with double pane windows and other energy-efficient installations, saving money and setting a good example for the community.

No matter what your industry, your business is our business. We offer a variety of special services and programs to make sure glass damage doesn't interfere with your ability to serve your Sarasota customers. Call Glass Doctor of Sarasota, FL, at (941) 747-3919 to learn more about our industrial glass services, or to schedule a professional consultation.

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