Window Repair & Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Sarasota offers convenient, professional window glass repair to home and business owners in the area. Our experienced staff can assess the condition of your panes and determine if the damage requires replacement or repair. Our team of professionals utilizes industry-standard techniques to install, replace, and repair your windows. We offer on-site consultations, so you can rest assured that you will obtain all the information you need to repair your home or building.

Window Repair

Whether caused by an accident, weather, or an errant fly ball, homeowners understand that damage can occur to their home's windows. Glass damage, particularly at night, can be a harrowing experience; Glass Doctor of Sarasota provides window repair services to bring you peace of mind and get your home back in order in a timely fashion.

Emergency Services

We provide emergency services 24 hours a day. If we have your size window pane in stock, we will repair your window during an emergency appointment; otherwise we will board up the missing glass, and schedule a time to install permanent glass panels. We understand that window glass repair has aesthetic, as well as security aspects, so we will try to match the glass we replace to your home's existing glass if possible.

Double Pane Glass Windows

If you have insulated double pane windows or double pane glass windows that needs inspection or repair, we can help. Our glass specialists can inspect your glass and identify any cracks in the sealant or other signs of damage. We will give you an assessment and an estimated price for any repairs. We will also do our utmost to keep your costs low; if we only need to replace the glass panes rather than removing the entire double pane glass frame, we will do so and inform you of your options.

Specialty Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Sarasota also can assist with window glass repair of specialty glass, as well as installation and upkeep advice. We install custom shower doors, patio glass, garage doors and a variety of other residential and industrial glass applications. These custom glass additions make your home or business more valuable.

Window Replacement

After assessing the state of your windows, we may determine replacement is your best option. Our team can help you select the right type of glass for updating your home's decor from our catalog of glass sizes, manufacturers and makes. And we can help you understand your costs for any damaged glass that we need to replace in your home.

Additional Glass Services

Finally, Glass Doctor of Sarasota provides additional glass services. Some of our additional services include:

  • Application of Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant: Hydrophobic Coating can help to make your household surfaces resist dirt and grime better, helping your to have short cleanup times from spills or regular use.
  • Difficult windows: If your home has windows that don't open or are broken, our specialists will solve these issues with a simple component repair.

The Window Repair Experts

Glass Doctor of Sarasota provides competent, professional service for home, auto and commercial glass applications. Whether you need assistance with special glass installation or assistance with a redesign of your home's glass interior, we are ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or visit one of our nearby locations.