Door Closer Repair Service

The first impression that you make on your customers happens the moment that they walk through your doors. When your doors work smoothly, you have the opportunity to make a great impression. Glass Doctor® of Ramsey provides you with the door closer service you need to ensure the flawless operation of your doors.

How Door Closers Work

Without a door closer, your doors would swing wildly or be difficult to move. Door closers ensure your doors open and close effortlessly and safely. Good door closers let people feel the weight of the door before letting the door glide open with little effort. After this, the door closer will gently close the door.

Why You Need Professional Door Closer Care Service

Over time, door closers will get worn down or damaged. These issues will be even more extreme if you have an improperly installed door closer or have been improperly caring for your door closers. Professional door closer care service will ensure that the quality of your door's functionality is not compromised.

Door Closer Maintenance and Repairs

Our trained experts will carefully maintain your door closers to ensure the safe operation of your doors. This will prevent most issues from ever occurring. Glass Doctor of Ramsey will repair your door closer without voiding its warranty. We offer repair service for all door closer issues, including the following:

  • Door closer seal damage: Clearance gaps and lubricant leaks impair the functionality of your door closer. Also, they are usually indicative of another issue. For example, oil leaks usually indicate that your door closer has a mechanical problem like a broken seal. A broken seal will eventually cause the door to open or close too quickly, making your door a safety hazard.
  • Difficulty locking doors: Difficult to lock doors are frustrating. They cause doorframe damage and create security issues. If your door is having trouble locking, a damaged door closer may be the culprit. Our specialists will quickly identify and fix it.
  • Improperly installed door closers: When your door closer is improperly installed, it can cause doorframe damage and door misalignments. If you suspect that your door closers have been improperly installed, immediately call us so that we can send one of our experts to remedy the problem.

Door Closer Installation

If you need a new door closer, count on us. Our experts will install your new door closer properly, so that you can avoid many door closer problems in the future.

Glass Doctor of Ramsey will make sure that your door closer works perfectly, so that you can make an amazing first impression on your customers. Call us right now to get your door closer care service started.