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Door Closer Repair Service

Make sure your store's first impression is its best. Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL will ensure your entryway door looks good and works smoothly. If your automatic door closer pulls too hard or doesn't close all the way, contact our team to perform door closer care.

Door Closer Repair

Automatic door closers malfunction for a variety of reasons. In some cases, damage results from the improper use or servicing of the closer. In other instances, the closer was not installed correctly from the start. If you have the wrong closer for your type of door, it could cause problems.

A broken or damaged door closer is more than an inconvenience for you and your customers. Improperly functioning door closers lead to damage to the doorframe or misalignments of the door itself. In the worst cases, a malfunctioning door closer is potentially dangerous to customers, especially small children who could become injured by unexpected movements of the door.

Door Closer Care

Maintaining your door closer properly is essential to guarantee a long life. Only a specialist who is trained in door closer care should service your hardware as an unqualified individual could create a hazardous situation or void the warranty on your device. The experts at Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL are specifically trained to provide door closer installation, maintenance and repair.

Door Closer Maintenance

Common maintenance tasks include repairing or replacing seals that cause gaps in clearance, replacing missing or damaged hardware, or broken and missing O-rings that could cause oil or lubrication leaks. If your door becomes misaligned due to a faulty closer, it could become difficult to lock and pose a security risk. Misaligned doors also let in outside air and could lead to increased heating and cooling costs for your business.

Expert Care for Your Doors

The experts at Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL will travel to your store and inspect your door and closer to diagnose problems and identify solutions. Before any work is done, you will receive a no-obligation estimate for materials and installation so you know what you're getting upfront.

To learn more about door closer care from Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL, or to schedule your evaluation, call or make an appointment online today!