Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

If the interior design in your dining room feels stale, refresh the space with glass tabletops and shelves. Glass tabletops add a luxurious touch and preserve your furniture, which makes cleaning a much easier task. Glass shelves show-off your favorite pieces while de-cluttering your home. Glass Doctor® of Omaha will expertly create custom pieces for your space.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Creating a custom piece of furniture may seem overwhelming at first. Our specialists will explain customization options and guide you to the best features for your space. We will help you determine the best edgework detail, pane thickness, glass tint and other characteristics. Our team makes creating your furniture fun!

Graphic of different glass edges

Our Custom Glass Tabletops

Our custom glass tabletops are made to suit your tastes, so they never seem overly modern or too vintage for your space. We encourage customers to consider glass tabletops for dining room tables, writing desks, antique furniture, conference room tables and coffee tables. The Glass Doctor of Omaha team gives you the ability to customize your glass tabletop. We offer custom glass tabletops in various sizes, shapes and finished edgings according to your unique specifications. To determine what your specific needs are and what options will best suit those particular needs, be sure to consult with one of our specialists.

Custom Shelving

Adding glass shelves to your home or business will increase the functional space of a room while improving the aesthetic. Custom shelving will help reduce clutter and add style to the interior design, something that store-bought options rarely manage. To create a particularly breathtaking aesthetic, use a glass custom shelf configuration. Custom shelving is an outstanding solution for improving the organization and design of space. Glass Doctor of Omaha specialists will plan the perfect shelves to meet your specific needs by helping you choose options like:

  • A style and design that fits the rest of your interior
  • The number of shelves you need
  • The space required between shelves
  • The height and configuration of your shelves
  • The types of glass, tinting and colors best suited for your shelves

Add Extra Protection

If you want to add extra protection to your custom glass pieces, consider these options:

Safety glass: Certain applications require safety glass, such as outdoor furniture. Our custom measured safety glass options, which include laminated glass and tempered glass, will help protect adults, children and pets as well as other items from being injured or damaged by glass breakage. Safety glass options are also suitable for some indoor applications, such as the use of glass shower doors.

Tinted glass: To protect your furniture's fabric from fading over time as a result from the exposure to the sunlight's harmful UV rays, use glass that is tinted.

Instead of settling for generic store-bought shelving options or glass tables, create a custom piece with our team. For information on our custom shelving or custom glass tabletops, contact Glass Doctor of Omaha today for a professional consultation.