Industry Glass Services for Odessa's Commercial Businesses

Visit the one stop shop at Glass Doctor® of Odessa for all of your commercial glass repair and replacement needs. Our services include industry glass repair, customized glass replacement, new window and door pane options, remodeling resources, door closer maintenance, upgrades and emergency glass repair services.

To keep our local businesses up and running even during times of emergency, we have developed the Commercial Care Program. This opportunity enables businesses to enroll in high level benefits including: priority service in after-hours emergencies, discounted prices, as well as a 15% coupon able to be applied to any auto glass job that is ordered by your property or business.

With a team available around the clock and on weekends, why wait to keep your business protected?

Apartments and Condominiums

Apartments and Condominiums require specialized attention to remain valuable. The team at Glass Doctor of Odessa is equipped to service your needs with items such as insulated windows, glass patio or sliding doors, interior glass decor and customized mirror products. Our safety glass options may be utilized to add incredible appeal to workout rooms or swimming areas. 

Working with Glass Doctor of Odessa, as a company, includes a unique bonus: any of the apartment or condo residents merit a 15% discount on their auto glass needs.

apartment windows


Restaurant owners and managers are challenged to find custom glass options to fit their unique spaces; your solution lies with Glass Doctor.

Our team will repair or replace any of your glass needs, including:

  • Glass windows
  • Mirrors
  • Glass Tabletops
  • Sneeze guards (for buffet areas, etc.)
  • Sliding windows for drive-through
  • Outdoor glass partitions and windbreaks

Contact Glass Doctor of Odessa for additional customization options including decorative or tinted glass to enhance the aesthetic style of your restaurant. 

Schools and Universities

Enhance the functionality and style of a school or university with the industry glass repair and replacement services from Glass Doctor of Odessa:

  • Windows & doors (for classrooms and exteriors)
  • Glass products for laboratories
  • One-way observation glass
  • Glass tabletops
  • Glass display cases

Choose also from mirrors, shower doors and safety glass for dorm halls, locker rooms and swimming pools. Our glass is available with protective glaze coating and can be manufactured with fire-resistant properties for additional safety. 


Lower the energy consumption and maintenance requirements of your commercial space with plate glass, doors and entryway renovations by our team. 

To spruce up your store's interiors, we can provide glass repair and replacement services for custom glass items such as display cases, shelving, walls and mirrors for dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Hotels and Motels

Add unique mirrors for wall decor, dressers and bathroom spaces for your hotel or motel. Interior renovations or new construction projects are made simple with the variety of customized options, including:

  • Shower doors (many varieties available)
  • Safety glass for pools/fitness center
  • Entryway renovation
  • Glass doors and windows

Cities and Municipalities

Keep your city or municipality running efficiently with insulated windows and doors available through Glass Doctor of Odessa. We can assess and renovate an entryway for optimal safety, security and energy savings. Glass options include safety, laminated, and fire-rated products to suit your industry glass repair and replacement needs.

For more information about our industry glass repair and replacement services, call Glass Doctor of Odessa today or schedule an appointment online.