Odessa's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

A shattered window or door can make a devastating impact on any business. The security of the premises and the welcoming effect of the building becomes compromised. Do not let a broken window or door be the cause of a loss of income or respect for your company. With prompt and thorough emergency business repair services by Glass Doctor® of Odessa, you will be able to open your doors again – with pride.

Faster Emergency Repairs

The business emergency glass services are available around the clock, seven days a week. From the moment you contact Glass Doctor of Odessa, we have a team that is equipped and ready to add your location to our priority list. 

Our emergency responders will carefully board up the damaged windows, clean up the broken glass and take measurements for replacement panes.

We have developed great partnerships with a large variety of manufacturers, enabling us to get your new glass products ordered and in stock faster.

Advance Measurement

Disasters should never be expected – but always planned for. Enrolling in our Advance Measurement system will add a layer of protection to your business. 

Contact one of our on-location specialists about this opportunity. We will visit your location to take measurements and compile a blueprint of your building. Each of your glass panes will receive a unique number.

In the event of breakage, all you need to do is contact Glass Doctor of Odessa. Our team will quickly retrieve the appropriate replacement pane from our inventory and arrive onsite to repair the damage and get your building back in shape.

Taking the time to pre-establish your billing and contact information saves valuable time during a stressful emergency.

Another great addition to our Advance Measurement system is the In-stock Replacement Program. This feature enables us to always keep specific products on hand and reserved for your emergency needs. 

Commercial Care

At Glass Doctor of Odessa, our primary goal is to provide prompt and professional glass services to our clients. To those who are interested, we are proud to offer the Commercial Care program, specifically designed with a competitive business in mind.

The features of this program include:

  • High-level priority status during after-hours calls
  • A dedicated specialist
  • Discounted emergency business repair services
  • Account setup
  • Discounted “membership” pricing on all services by Glass Doctor.

When disaster strikes, leaving you with broken panes and shattered glass, do not hesitate to give your local glass specialists a call. Glass Doctor of Odessa’s emergency business repair services are designed specifically with you in mind.