Double Pane Window Services for Odessa

The windows in your home play a major role with the climate in your home. When high quality, insulated, double pane windows are installed both your comfort and your home's energy efficiency benefit in many ways. The benefits provided by today's high-tech, multi-paned windows are numerous and the ongoing trend is for homeowners to upgrade from older, inefficient windows to these more modern alternatives.

At Glass Doctor® Odessa, we specialize in double pane window upgrades, installations for new construction, and double pane window replacement.

Multi-Paned Windows

double pane window

Double and triple-pane windows were developed to counter the biggest single shortcoming of single-pane windows; their inefficiency in preventing heat transfer. Most heat transfer that occurs in a home happens through and around windows and doors. This is the result:

  • During cold weather, the cold coming in from outside makes windows and glass doors chilly.
  • Warm weather produces a similar heat transfer through the windows but in the opposite direction. Cool air produced by your home's air-conditioning system transfers from inside to outside, requiring the A/C to work overtime to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. This causes the appliance to wear out sooner than it should and you'll continue wasting energy dollars.

Window Construction

Double pane windows, as the name suggests, feature dual panes separated by a non-conductive spacer and then sealed into one single glass unit. The space between the panes is either a voided vacuum or sometimes filled with inert gas such as krypton or argon, which increases the window's insulating capability. The seal should be high-grade silicone or some type of similar material.

Double Pane Window Replacement

A damaged window doesn't necessarily mean broken glass, and, in the case of double pane windows, usually doesn't. Because an intact spacer and seal are vital in maintaining the all-important insulating space between panes when a seal breaks the entire glass unit must be replaced. Signs of a broken seal include a foggy-white appearance or visible condensation droplets between panes. Not only are these damaged windows an eyesore in your home, but they also no longer possess their original insulating ability.

Glass Doctor Odessa will replace the insulated glass unit with a new one. Fortunately, the existing frame and grid can usually still be used, making this process quick and affordable. Contact us today for more information on double pane window replacement!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.