Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Odessa, TX

Don’t worry when your auto glass cracks or breaks; the Glass Doctor® of Odessa experts perform auto glass repair and replacement services for all types of glass, including sunroofs and side windows.

Windshield Care

Not only does your windshield provide a view to the world in front of your vehicle, it is also a vital component of the structural integrity should an accident occur. In a front-end impact, your windshield provides almost half of your car's structural integrity and in a rollover, that number jumps to around 60%. Proper windshield care is a safety essential, including repair of chips and cracks.

Due to the importance of the windshield, most insurance policies cover repairs, meaning you have no out-of-pocket expenses. Our specialists will repair your windshield, and process your insurance paperwork.

The technological advancements for auto glass include antennas and gauges, as well as various weather sensors. Our experts know how to work with all of these, ensuring a seamless transition for your auto glass repair. The Glass Doctor of Odessa specialists repair all vehicle makes and models, restoring structural integrity and visibility.

Auto Glass Replacement

Our dedicated specialists will perform your auto glass repair and replacement needs quickly. Shattered tempered glass requires replacement. Glass Doctor of Odessa will replace the glass in your front and back windshields, windows, sunroof and more.

When you consult with one of our experts, you receive a full description of services and an accurate estimate for the costs associated with replacing your broken auto glass. We will assist you with processing your insurance company claims for your auto glass repair and replacement claims.

Auto Glass Protection

Your window replacement includes the Windshield Protection Plan. This 12-month guarantee includes the glass for a replacement or multiple repairs. An upgrade to Future Installation Option includes all of the labor and installation materials in addition to the glass, while the Full Service Plan covers all of the above and includes an application of Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant and a new set of wiper blades.

Make your auto glass resistant to scratches and environmental damage with Hydrophobic Coating. With only one application, you improve visibility and stop mineral deposits on your glass.

Contact Glass Doctor of Odessa today and arrange a consultation for your auto glass repair and replacement needs. Our specialists will walk you through the process, from providing an accurate quote to following through with your insurance company. Call Glass Doctor of Odessa today!