Door Closer Repair Service in Odessa, TX

Properly working door closers have a significant impact on your building's safety and operating costs. Glass Doctor¨ of Odessa provides professional door closer repair service for a variety of closer systems. Our skilled specialists have the qualifications and experience to ensure that your doors and entryways operate according to their original design.

Door Closer Systems

Commercial and industrial grade entryways and doors are equipped for longevity. They are built using heavy-duty materials to withstand repeated use. Manually operated closer systems are designed to alleviate a portion of the weight of the door itself, reduce the force required to open and close it, and ensure that the door closes properly and securely.

Closer systems vary in complexity depending on the weight of the door and its specific use. Regardless of the method employed, our experts conduct door closer repair service that complies with the closer's warranty.

Eliminate Waste

Door closer repair is an essential part of building maintenance. Over time, components wear out, hindering the function of the closer. When the door isn't able to close properly, the resulting gap allows your climate controlled air to escape, causing excess stress on your heating and cooling system. In addition to higher energy costs, the problematic door decreases the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Our door closer repair service eliminates the waste caused by faulty closers.

Improve Safety

Accidents and misuse often damage door closer systems. Along with increased energy costs, improperly functioning closers generate a risk to users. Quick, unexpected door movements have the power to cause serious injuries to customers or employees. Moreover, extended use will deteriorate and weaken your door frame, compromising the security of your building.

Indicators of Door Closer Damage

Keep your facility safe and your operating costs at a minimum by scheduling door closer repair service if you notice certain indicators, including:

  • Damage or gaps near door seals: exposure to the elements will hinder door operation
  • Evidence of fluid leakage: broken gaskets, or misaligned interior components allow lubricants to escape, and eventually cause complete failure
  • Gaps in your door frame: this problem often indicates normal wear, but also results from an inadequate closer system
  • Difficulty locking the door: misalignment with the frame results in a number of problems such as security issues and irreparable frame damage

Our experts provide detailed, up-front pricing and simplify vendor work order issuance. Contact Glass Doctor of Odessa to schedule an onsite evaluation today.