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Clear Choice Protectant

Protecting the surfaces in your home from damage extends their lifespan. Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver delivers effective treatments that prolong the beauty and usefulness of your silicate-based surfaces. Our Clear Choice™ protectant creates an invisible barrier on glass, marble, granite, and porcelain material, guarding against scratches, discolorations, and bacteria growth. For use on a variety of applications, this one-time surface treatment protects your investment from exterior damages for five years.

Surface Treatment Solutions

Due to the proximity of water, certain items in your home are more susceptible to mildew, mold, and mineral deposit stains. Outdoor furniture, bathroom floors and tiles, and kitchen countertops are all particularly vulnerable to moisture. Clear Choice delivers a surface treatment solution that adds lustrous shine while at the same time, bonds with the silicate material to prevent the formation and development of bacteria. Our innovative formula is acceptable for use on a variety of items, including:

  • Ceramic Tiles and Grout: Floors, walls, and countertops that feature tile frequently receive cracks and chips, and the mortar (grout) once stained, requires acidic chemicals to clean.
  • Granite and Marble Countertops: Although they look smooth, these expensive surfaces are very porous and citric juices and acidic vegetables have the power to permanently etch the stone.
  • Porcelain Sinks: Hard water stains, oils, and similar mineral deposits ruin the classic beauty of porcelain.
  • Shower Doors and Tubs: Particularly prone to mold and mildew, shower doors and tub enclosures require constant cleaning with harsh chemicals to maintain sanitary conditions.

A single application of our surface treatment forms an impenetrable barricade against liquids, bacteria, and surface gouges, protecting your bathroom and kitchen items from premature wear and tear. Our high-tech formula is gentle enough to use on delicate tile mosaics and ornamental brick sculptures. It resists soap scum and similar grunge from adhering to the surface of silica-based materials.

Glass Protection and Benefits

In addition to countertops and work surfaces, Clear Choice increases the ability of your mirrors and glass decor to resist breakage. By producing a unified defense, glass tabletops, cabinet doors, and shelves repel dust and damages. You spend less time cleaning, while indoor and outdoor furniture and accent pieces retain their new appearance, longer. Our patented surface treatment protects a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Paved courtyards and stone flag ways
  • Patio doors and glass furniture
  • Etched windows and custom mirrors

Moreover, adding a layer of defense to your windshield and auto glass increases its strength, which provides an additional measure of safety against road hazards. Clear Choice generates an incredibly smooth surface that channels dirt particles and water away for the surface of the glass. The barrier increases driver visibility during inclement weather and resists chips and cracks from flying debris. Our professional glass specialists perform surface treatment applications on-site and according to your schedule.

Learn how easy and affordable it is to protect the surfaces in your home by contacting Glass Doctor of North Vancouver to arrange for you free consultation today.