Advance Measurement System

The Advance Measurement system offered by Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver allows you to have a business recovery plan in place. Our glass specialists will visit your building, create a detailed diagram that includes accurate measurements of all the glass panes and carefully label every window, door and other glass surface that may need to be replaced. This information will be kept on file so that if a pane does break, all you have to do is call, tell us the location of the glass and we will have quick access to exact measurements and code requirements.

There will be no need to schedule a consultation and then wait for your glass to be installed; your panes will be replaced in just one visit. Having a business recovery plan in place will expedite repair and replacement work and eliminate the need to close down your business. 

Faster Emergency Repairs

Emergencies have a tendency of happening at the most inconvenient times, but when you work with Glass Doctor of North Vancouver, you can rest assured that our glass specialists will respond immediately - day or night. All you have to do is take a look at the diagram that we created, locate the corresponding number of the broken pane and provide us with that information. As long as that type of glass is in stock, we will replace your pane in no time at all. This service also allows you to avoid unsightly board-up jobs so that you don’t turn away potential customers and lose business.

In-Stock Options

In addition to our unique business recovery plan that utilizes the Advance Measurement system, we also offer the option of pre-ordering glass so that we are sure to have it in stock whenever you may need it. If you experience frequent breaks for any reason, this convenient service will ensure that you don’t have to wait for orders to arrive at the warehouse before being able to complete your repair or replacement project.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

The Advance Measurement system provides a fast, convenient and affordable way to implement a business recovery plan and make sure that you can keep operating even after a disaster.

  • In just one visit, we will replace or repair your windowpanes have your business secured and protected. You won’t have to worry about having your building and merchandise exposed to elements or subject to vandalism.
  • Quick repairs also mean it is less likely that you will be held liable for an injury to a customer or employee.
  • Avoid having to board up windows and doors and maintain a presentable facade that will attract customers and keep your business running.
  • Glass Doctor of North Vancouver offers credit pre-approval so even your payment method has been put in place.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our Advance Measurement system. A highly trained glass specialist will visit your business, create a diagram of your entire facility and help you create a business recovery plan. Work with the best and be prepared for any disaster when you team up with Glass Doctor of North Vancouver.