Emergency Business Glass Services

Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver is proud to serve business owners with its comprehensive glass installation and repair services. Broken glass is always an inconvenience, which is why we don’t want you to worry about the time of day that it happens. To keep your business secure around the clock, our team offers emergency window repair services every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Window Repair

Curb appeal and security are important factors when it comes to your business’ windows. As locally owned business, Glass Doctor of North Vancouver appreciates this and offers our neighbors emergency glass services that include:

  • Window boarding
  • Glass cleaning
  • Repairs of all the glass on your property, including windows and interior glass features
  • Glass door repairs
  • Door closer repairs

Fast Emergency Window Repair

Glass-related issues are often unpredictable, which is why our team wants to make repairs more convenient with our Advanced Measurement system. This program works well with existing disaster preparedness and business continuity plans, but you can take advantage of it whenever the need arises.

Advanced Measurement is a program that keeps the details related to your commercial property’s glass on file. It starts with a glass specialist taking expert measurements of all the glass—from windows to mirrors—and making detailed notes about it, such as the type of glass used. The specialist uses the notes to make a diagram of your business with all the glass features noted with a specific number. You keep a copy of the diagram for your records and we’ll keep a copy on file.  

Whenever glass breaks or you need an emergency window repair, call Glass Doctor of North Vancouver and use the diagram to let us know which pieces received damage. Since the measurements are already on file, the repair project is faster, especially if we have the glass that you need in stock. With the Advanced Measurement system, we will finish a repair in as little as one day. You can further expedite the process by allowing us to keep your personal contact and credit information on file.

In-Stock Replacements

If you often deal with broken glass at your property, we recommend that you sign up for our in-stock replacement program. With this program, we will keep the specific pieces of glass that break the most in stock. The advantage of this program is that when you need emergency glass or window repair, we’ll already have the exact piece of glass that you need on-hand, so the repair process can begin right away.

At Glass Doctor of North Vancouver, we can stock specialty pieces of glass, including insulated glass units and high-efficiency glass, safety glass, bullet-resistant glass and storm-resistant windows.

Commercial Care

Maximize your bottom line with our Commercial Care program; designed to save area business owners time and money on different glass-related services. Our members enjoy benefits, such as:

  • Dedicated accounts, including national accounts
  • Automatic enrollment in the Advanced Measurement system and in-stock replacement program
  • Priority scheduling for all services, including emergency window repair
  • Discounts on window boarding and glass cleanup
  • Savings on work performed, including repairs and replacements, glass door and door closer maintenance, and auto glass services for commercial vehicles

Glass Doctor of North Vancouver wants to make glass-related repairs and maintenance for your commercial property stress-free. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and to schedule a consultation.