Double Pane Windows

Windows contribute the most to a home’s temperature fluctuation. The heat during a west coast summer can make your house uncomfortable, and make sleeping at night difficult. And even during our usually mild winters, cold temperatures can invade every room. To counter this, most people run their heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems year-round; however, the comfort comes at the expense of greater energy bills.

Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver’s insulated glass units (IGUs) are a great option to help stabilize your home’s temperature. You may not be able to dictate the weather pattern but our IGUs can help decide its effects on your comfort.

Double Pane Window Repair

double pane window

Insulated glass helps to protect your home from temperature variations by keeping out natural cold and heat. Double pane windows reduce energy consumption, translating to significant savings on your energy bill.

Insulated glass consists of two window panes and an insulator, or spacer, between them. The spacer is made of a moisture absorbing material and, in some windows, may include a gas between panes to boost insulation properties. The entire unit is sealed with a high-quality bond to ensure an airtight close.

Insulated Glass Replacement

If the double pane windows in your home show condensation buildup within the sealant, you need our expert service. The main cause of condensation is a broken bond. Seals fail for several factors including faulty installation, inferior sealant and regular weather shifts. When the seal breaks it allows the air pocket to escape and water vapour to enter. Over time, water builds up, creating a dirty, foggy pane appearance.

To repair this window the pane must be replaced. The Glass Doctor of North Vancouver experts removes, replace and reseal your window using top-tier panes.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.