Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Let Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver show you how to make a beautiful glass shower enclosure the centerpiece of your washroom.

Nothing enhances the aesthetic appeal of a washroom more than a stylish glass shower enclosure. It anchors the room, directs the light and increases the value of your home. Even a small bathroom will seem larger with the openness of a glass shower enclosure.

To make optimum use of an existing space, Glass Doctor of North Vancouver recommends that most glass shower enclosures be custom designed and installed. There are many options, including shower doors, frameless shower doors, corner doors, door and panel, sliding shower door and over-the-tub enclosures. Throughout the entire process, including design, budget, installation and maintenance, our glass experts will be your guide.

Key to every home improvement project is planning. A Glass Doctor specialist will help you consider the following four factors before beginning the process of designing your new or upgraded shower or tub enclosure.

  • Configuration: In order to determine the maximum weight of glass your bathroom’s walls can support, our specialists will determine if your walls are made of dry wall or tile, and the location of the supporting studs.  
  • Measurements: In order for our glass experts to give you a correct estimate for materials and installation, and dodge any delays in the installation process, precise measurements are essential. Schedule an appointment with a member of our team today.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential to minimizing moisture collection. Excess moisture can make paint peel and cause mould to grow. This is especially true with a drywall ceiling. With the expert ventilation checks, Glass Doctor of North Vancouver can ensure your bathroom has the necessary ventilation. If your bathroom is fully tiled, allow Glass Doctor to install glass steam room kits to further enhance your bathroom's ventilation.
  • Shower Heads: Last, but certainly not the least important, is the selection of a shower head. It is important to select one that will not spray allowing water to seep onto the bathroom floor while the door is open.

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Shower Idea Center

Our Shower Idea Centre is a great place to jump-start your washroom renovation project, and your imagination. Grab a pencil and piece of paper to keep track of all your ideas as you review the following pages.  

Are you ready to begin the design and installation process for your shower door or tub enclosure? Please contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our glass experts.