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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

Driving safely includes having a vehicle with a windshield that’s free of chips, cracks or breaks. In addition to obstructing your line of sight, windshield impacts reduce a vehicle’s architectural strength. To minimize your safety risks, Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida recommends that Naples-area drivers schedule a windshield repair as soon as they notice damage.

If your vehicle undergoes windshield replacement, Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida in Naples will provide you with the G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee, a one-time-only offer. If the new windshield receives a qualifying impact within 12 months of its installation, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. You only pay for the cost of the installation kit, molding, clips and labor.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

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Vehicles have a safety restraint system, or SRS, that includes airbags, seatbelts and windshields. Damage to any of these components reduces an SRS’s effectiveness. As their name implies, windshields protect you and your passengers from outside debris as you drive. One of a windshield’s main roles, however, is to keep you and your passengers inside the vehicle in a rollover accident or collision. Windshields account for up to 60% of a vehicle’s architectural strength, as they prevent the roof from collapsing in an accident. An impact-free windshield also ensures the proper deployment of airbags.

When a windshield has any type of impact, even a seemingly minor chip, the force of airbags deploying could cause the auto glass to break instead of serve as a shield. Because you never know when a collision or accident will happen, Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida in Naples encourages you schedule a windshield repair as soon as you notice an impact.

Additional Benefits with the G12 Value Package

In addition to receiving the G12 Guarantee with new windshield installations, you have the option to purchase the G12 Value Package. The Value Package complements the warranty by covering the cost of labor, the installation kit, molding and clips. The Value Package also includes a proprietary Clear Choice™ glass protecting treatment and a new pair of wiper blades.

G12 Guarantee


  • The G12 Guarantee begins on the day of the windshield replacement and lasts 12 months.
  • Impacts covered by the guarantee are those related to normal road hazards.
  • You must file a windshield claim with the original Glass Doctor location that installed the new windshield before the 12-month term expires.
  • The windshield repair or replacement must occur at a physical Glass Doctor shop.


  • The G12 Guarantee does not apply to motorcoaches, buses, and class 7 and 8 heavy duty trucks.
  • The G12 Guarantee does not apply to windshield impacts caused by acts of God, collisions, fraud or intentional acts.

Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida serves Naples and the surrounding area. With safety a top priority, our glass specialists receive ongoing industry training to provide you with high quality services. Schedule a windshield repair with our team today!

Some exclusions may apply.