Industry Glass Services for Southwest Florida's Commercial Businesses

Every business in Naples, FL, has the opportunity to benefit from the glass care Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida offers.

Our Commercial Care program gives you a distinct advantage. Business owners enjoy quality glass repair at a reduced price and a 15% discount on all auto glass service requests when they join the program. These benefits apply to any type of business, from hospitals and universities to locally owned shops and restaurants.

Apartments and Condominiums

Make your apartment building safer and more energy efficient. Out team will replace broken panes and upgrade your glass fixtures. We will take care of any type of glass that you may have, including shower doors, mirrors, sliding glass doors, windows and tables. We also extend a special 15% discount on our auto glass services to all of your building's current residents. Passing along this perk gives you an advantage in the fierce rental market!

apartment windows


Your ambiance defines how people will perceive your restaurant. To help you get it just right, ask our specialist to install glass partitions or tabletops. Trust us to retrofit windows to accommodate drive-up service or ask us to add sneeze guards to your buffet. Regardless of whether you need glass services for the inside of your restaurant or an outdoor dining area, we are ready, willing and able to help. 

Schools and Universities

Our team of glass specialists promises we can make your school safer and more energy efficient. The right glass can cut energy costs and funnel money back into your school or increase student and staff safety. Allow us to outfit your building with panes made to filter out harmful UV light, ultimately reducing your energy consumption. Add a layer of security film to improve security or install fire-resistant glass. These additions will make your school function smoothly, so your students learn in a comfortable environment.


Create a cost-effective space with our retail glass solutions. Ask our specialists to install insulated glass units (IGUs), which make your building a low-energy, low-maintenance store. Our specialists keep your storefront beautiful without sacrificing your budget. Ask us about etching your logo and store information onto the glass to increase curb appeal. We'll keep your shop open after a break disrupts your day, schedule emergency glass repair services anytime. The specialist removes all evidence of broken panes, so customers and staff aren't in danger of sharp shards.

Hotels and Motels

Your guests need high quality glass to ensure the comfort and utility of their stay. To that end, we will offer you only the best mirrors, shower doors and windows available in the industry. Your guests will feel right at home from the moment they walk into your lobby.

Cities and Municipalities

Streamline government buildings in Naples and Marco Island with our assistance. Our glass solutions apply to every building, from hospitals to post offices, we will keep the city running smoothly. After inclement weather, trust our team to restore federal and city spaces so every citizen benefits.

Whether you want to improve your building safety, utility or style, Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida in Naples is the answer. Call today or schedule an appointment online!