Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Southwest Florida

If your business features specialized, custom windows and other glass features, a call to Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida will save you time and money while protecting your business from further damage.

Naples, Fort Myers and Estero businesses that choose to participate in our Advance Measurement system will enjoy priority response. We keep your pertinent contact and credit information on record, which accelerates the glass replacement process.

Advance Measurement System

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is both smart and necessary for all business owners in hurricane-prone gulf areas of Florida. As part of the community, Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida is well aware of the level of damage natural or man-made disasters can cause, so we’re offering local businesses a proactive way to include fast, expert glass repair or replacement as part of their recovery plan with our Advance Measurement system.

As part of our service, our experts will survey your structure and measure all glass panes in windows, doors and other glassed-in spaces. A numbered record will be created listing the types of glass used in each location and if safety glass is required in specific areas. This information will be entered onto a diagram of your business space for future reference purposes in the case of an emergency.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Fast, expert installation
  • Convenience: No down time for your business
  • Liability: Little to no safety risk for staff and customers
  • Security: Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Expedience: No delays in glass replacement service
  • Business Image: No unappealing, boarded-up facade
  • Credit: Smoother billing process due to pre-established credit

Fast Emergency Repairs

When one of more glass panes is damaged or broken, emergency repairs can begin immediately by contacting our team and reporting the numbers of the damaged panes as listed on your copy of the master diagram. If the corresponding glass is available, our specialists will replace the broken pane at once without having to board up the exposed door or window.

In-Stock Program

Our in-stock program ensures fast, expert replacement if certain glass panes or items break often or if you want to ensure fast replacement in the case of an emergency. As part of the in-stock program, Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida in Naples will pre-order and store extra glass panels or pieces for when you need it.

The best time to protect your hard-earned business is before disaster strikes. Contact Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida in Naples to schedule an advance measurement consultation.