Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Southwest Florida

While aesthetics are certainly important, the true beauty of a bathroom rests on its functionality. The focal point of the bathroom is usually the bath or shower area. A glass enclosed shower door or tub enclosure offers multiple benefits to the homeowner. Not only does it look nice, but also it also anchors the decor of the room, amplifies the incoming light and generally increases the value of your Naples home.

It takes thought to find and create the perfect shower door or tub enclosure. Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida recommends considering a few factors before creating your new shower or tub enclosure:

Configuration: The walls of your current bathroom will largely determine the weight of glass that can be used in the construction of your new shower door or tub enclosure. For most installations, the pre-existing studs will do, but custom-made enclosures with heavier doors may need additional reinforcement.

Shower Heads: A seemingly inconsequential choice, shower heads are quite important. You want to choose a shower head that is powerful enough, but one that will not drench your bathroom if the door is left open.

Exact Measurements: Using a glass specialist to measure your space is the only way to avoid inconsistences and delays in the installation process.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation removes odors of the last occupant and keeps your bathroom as dry as possible after a steamy bath or shower.  Maintaining clean airflow helps to avoid water damage and mold growth. 

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The first step to creating your new shower enclosure is determining what you need. Utilize the resources provided by Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida. 

To begin the creation of your new enclosure, schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida!