Custom Glass Solutions in Montrose, CO

For custom glass solutions in a wide variety of fixtures, including tabletops, mirrors and more, Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO offers expertise and extensive experience introducing glass decor into your home's design. Our specialists supply custom glass additions that create one-of-a-kind decor features in your Montrose home. We also offer low-emissivity (Low-E) window pane enhancements to protect interior fabrics and furnishings from the sun. Regardless of what your custom glass needs are, Glass Doctor of Montrose is available to handle them with the guarantee of an exceptional finished product.

Glass Decor Additions

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

If you'd like to have furniture pieces fitted with custom glass, a Glass Doctor of Montrose specialist will size new and old furniture to create custom cut glass features. We can accommodate every style and size, even if you require irregularly shaped glass pieces. Add finished edges to enhance the look and functionality of your furniture.

Arrange for our specialists to come to your home for an onsite assessment. We will advise you if you're uncertain about various factors like edgework detail or glass thickness. During the meeting, Glass Doctor of Montrose specialists will field any question customers have regarding style and glass type to address safety and aesthetic concerns.

Some homeowners are concerned about the safety of glass in a space children or pets frequent. We recommend using tempered or laminated glass for increased safety.

Custom Mirrors

For a beautiful accent in your home's interior, consider a custom mirror. Mirrors contribute many different visual enhancements to every room and are a great way to make a smaller space appear more expansive. Specialists from Glass Doctor of Montrose know how to revitalize a room with custom mirror placement, and they carefully explain the options during an on-site consultation.

Glass Inserts for Doors

Customers needing restoration services on broken glass in door should explore the different renovation options Glass Doctor of Montrose is able to install. Enhance your door fixtures while having broken glass repaired with special efficiency options with matching side windows.

The best way to decide which type of glass insert works best for your home is to visit with a Glass Doctor of Montrose specialist. Choose from:

  • Decorative glass and matching panes
  • Durable all-weather window glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Double-pane window glass

Thanks to vendor partnerships, Glass Doctor of Montrose gets the job done faster with quick product delivery and a large inventory of in-stock items.

Low-E Glass Windows

Protection from UV rays benefits the health of residents and the longevity of home decor fixtures. Low-E glass windows protect the skin of residents from exposure to UV rays while also preventing the fading of colors on home fixtures like fabric furniture pieces and carpets. Low-E glass has a special metallic coating proven to reduce visible light transmission. Another advantage of Low-E glass on windows is energy efficiency. Low-E glass keeps the sun from heating up the home and raising air conditioning bills.

Learn more about the various custom glass solutions Glass Doctor of Montrose can install in your home, contact us to set up an in-home interview today!