Custom Mirrors in Montrose, CO

Lightening, brightening and enlarging your home sounds tempting, but a traditional remodeling process is daunting. Luckily, there is a better way to improve your space. Redesign your home with a custom mirrors created by the Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO experts.

Unlike typical remodeling, bespoke mirror decor doesn’t require you to rework a room's design, take out a loan and tear down walls, enduring months of dust or living elsewhere during the process. Instead, remodel your house with mirrors, creatively and conveniently, with an excellent return on your investment.

Enlarge Your Home Visually

Almost like sleight of hand or magic, carefully designed and placed custom mirrors bring in additional light and create reflections to enhance your perception of space. Mirrors make your home appear more peaceful, graceful and elegant while complimenting a variety of decor options in the:

  • Kitchen: Create a mirrored backsplash to fill the ho-hum space between cabinets and countertop, then watch the room come alive.
  • Entry hall: Use tile mirrors to cover an entire wall and instantly create an expansive, bright and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who enters.
  • Bathroom: Add framed custom vanity mirrors or full-length wall mirrors to bring added richness, style and practicality to the bath.
  • Family room alcove: A dark, cubbyhole in your den may be perfect for reading and relaxing, but it looks unwelcoming as a dark corner. Add a large framed mirror and show off the interesting, usable area, creating an attractive space.

Showcase Precious Items

There is more charm and style in your home than you may realize. Play up certain elements with mirrors from Glass Doctor of Montrose:

  • Spotlight your collection: Show a set of China with special value or meaning to its full advantage. Place it in a set of mirrored shelves or a custom glass display case.
  • Illuminate your accomplishments and interests: Create a trophy case by adding glass or mirrored shelving to a recessed area in a wall, or covering the back of a built-in bookcase with mirrors.
  • Show off the family tree: Add hanging mirrors amongst a wall of framed photos to enliven the arrangement and make your home feel uniquely inviting.

Accentuate the Positives

Some of the special details of your home might not be getting their due, so consider adding custom mirrors to:

  • Focus on the fireplace: Bring your fireplace to the fore with a large round or oval custom mirror over the mantel.
  • Accent the furniture: Place a mirrored end table between two of your favorite upholstered chairs.
  • Reflect a lamp or chandelier: Let the beauty of your lighting fixtures draw attention day and night with a mounted mirror nearby.

Let Glass Doctor of Montrose assist you with an in-home consultation. Envision your new home design with one exquisite custom mirror or a house full. Contact us today!