Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Montrose, CO

When choosing a partner in glass replacement and repair, consider Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO. We offer our Advance Measurement system for your proactive glass care. The system is the best way to ensure you get the care you need if your panes are damages. When you sign up for our program, a specialist will survey and measure your facility’s doors, windows and other glass items. Notes will mention the required glass and safety requirement codes along with numbering pane locations using the diagram of your facility.

Fast Emergency Repairs

Call Glass Doctor of Montrose, CO, day or night, when there is a broken window pane. Using the diagram, report the panes you need to be repaired or replaced. Glass Doctor of Montrose matches the number, using the diagram, with our list of window panes. The broken pane will be replaced immediately if the pane is in stock without the need to board-up your facility. With just one visit you can save time, money and the disgrace of having boarded-up windows. By creating an Advance Measurement plan, you will have pre-established credit and contact information making your pane replacement process more expedient.

In-Stock Options

No need to look at boarded-up windows while waiting on your glass panes to come in. Glass Doctor of Montrose offers an in-stock program for glass that breaks frequently. Our glass specialist will pre-order your panes using our in-stock program, making your glass available to you whenever you need it.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Save time and money with complete installation
  • Convenience: Day and night availability
  • Liability: Customer injury reduction
  • Security: Prohibit further liability to vandalism and theft
  • Expedience: Minimize useless board-ups
  • Image: Alternative store appearance externally
  • Credit: Eliminating credit conflicts through pre-established credit

Inclement weather, vandalism and theft are all unpredictable occurrences. Protect your business by taking preventable measures. Call Glass Doctor of Montrose today and ask about our Advance Measurement inspection for your proactive glass care needs. Our service experts are waiting to assist you.