Industry Glass Services for Montrose's Commercial Businesses

You can rely on Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO for all of your company's glass-related repairs, updates and additions. We offer a full suite of commercial glass services to businesses in Nucla, Gunnison, Telluride and Crawford. It doesn't matter whether you need commercial glass repair or a fully customized glass installation, our glass specialists will handle every project with professional care and quality workmanship. No matter what time you need glass services, our team is ready to answer your call, and we provide 24/7 emergency commercial glass repair services. In addition, Montrose businesses may consider joining our Commercial Care program for discounts on your emergency commercial glass repair services, commercial account setup and a 15% auto glass service discount for vehicles associated with the account. Our team works every day to make the Montrose business community look its best!

Apartments and Condominiums

From glass doors and windows to fitness center shower stalls, apartments and condominiums have lots of glass. Regardless of how much glass your building has, our glass specialists will manage it all. With a Glass Doctor of Montrose business account, you benefit from our Advance Measurement System, wherein we map out your building's glass to complete full repairs and replacements the first time around, preventing any delays. Any tenant vehicles are eligible for a 15% discount on auto glass services.

apartment windows


If you want to enhance the atmosphere of your eatery with mirror decor or glass additions, ask our specialists to design a piece for your space. Glass Doctor of Montrose provides a full array of custom glass decor for all sorts of restaurant styles. Glass tabletops are easy to clean but always look elegant, plus using tempered glass increases the safety and durability of the pane. If you have a salad buffet or prep area in need of a sneeze guards, we will install a piece to custom fit. Most importantly, if any of your glass is damaged, our team is ready to repair the area.

Schools and Universities

Our specialists can address all of your school glass needs including classroom windows and doors, science laboratory needs, one-way observation office glass, and glass tabletops and desktops. Plus, show-off your school achievements with display cases. We offer protective glazing solution and fire-resistant glass to bolster building safety. Glass Doctor can provide care for all your student and staff living quarters, too. We are able to retrofit mirrors, shower enclosures and sliding doors.


We fully personalize all of your glass fixtures and shelving with custom features, so we are your source for the style upgrades you need to give your store a high-end ambiance to attracts customers. To help you optimize your budget, we also offer our special Low-E glass, which keeps the sun's UV rays out, so that your HVAC doesn't work too hard and drive up your energy bill. When you sign up for our Advance Measurement System, shattered glass won't interferes with your ability to serve customers because we'll initiate the pre-established emergency glass repair plan.

Hotels and Motels

After we upgrade your hotel's glass decor, your guests will be awestruck by the style from the moment they see your lobby's sleek glass doors. Custom mirrors will make every room in your hotel feel brighter and more spacious. Beautiful glass shower enclosures provide a luxury appeal shower curtains simply can't. If any of your hotel's glass is damaged, we will come out and fix it immediately, so no room is un-bookable for long.

Cities and Municipalities

For government building renovations or new construction, rely on us for all of your glass needs. To help you enhance your ability to protect your assets, we install impact and fire-resistant glass to doors and windows. If your government building does suffer any broken glass, we will immediately repair it with our 24/7 emergency commercial glass repair services.

Glass Doctor Commercial Account Set Up

Resolve outstanding issues and enhance current decor schemes. Contact Glass Doctor of Montrose today to discover what our specialists can do for your business!