Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Montrose, CA

Custom glass decor beautifies your home with simple, elegant and functional touches. Glass shelves enhance your rooms with a contemporary look and feel, while elegantly showcasing your art and collectibles. Glass tabletops offer smooth flawless surfaces that preserve and protect your fine wooden furnishings and antiques. At Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO, we specialize in business and home glass care. We offer courteous and professional service and a wide selection of glass decor that adds finishing touches to your favorite spaces.

Glass Doctor of Montrose simplifies the decorating process with a consultation at your home or business. We present traditional and custom decor options that help you achieve the designer look you desire. We expertly measure the spaces you decide to upgrade, and then our glass experts create and install your glass tabletops and shelves according to your personal specifications.

Custom Glass Tabletops in Montrose

At Glass Doctor of Montrose, we give you creative control of the ultimate design. You choose custom solutions for dining room tables, conference room tables, coffee tables, writing desks and antique furniture. You decide the options that achieve the right look for your home or business.

  • Shape round, oval, rectangle, square, octagon or custom cut
  • Edge treatments: beveled, bullet-nose, flat, waterfall and more
  • Glass: thick, thin, heavy, lightweight

Together we customize the glass decor that protects your furniture, makes it easier to clean and gives your home a new look.

Graphic of different glass edges

For Extra Protection

At Glass Doctor of Montrose, you choose beautiful custom glass decor with protective coatings and safety features. These are particularly important for outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and for frequently used pieces.

  • Tempered glass breaks into chunks instead of shards that injure your family or damage your home.
  • Laminated glass is fused with a layer that prevents shattering which causes injuries and damage.
  • Tinted glass protects home interiors from the sun’s UVA rays and keeps fabric furnishings from fading over time.

Custom Shelving

Glass shelves from Glass Doctor of Montrose give you beautiful storage options for books, collectibles and art. Our glass shelves increase storage in your closets. They set up eye-catching wall displays that merge beautifully with any decor in your home.

Our glass specialists guide you through custom glass decor choices: height, width, depth and number of shelves. You select glass weight, thickness, tinting, color and edge options that result in the perfect storage spaces for you and your home.

Schedule Your Consultation

Glass Doctor of Montrose makes it easy to enhance your home with custom glass tabletops and shelves. To begin your transformation, contact us at 970-252-8868. We will schedule your professional consultation or provide additional information.