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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Our glass specialists will solve your windshield problems, whether it is a small ding that needs a quick repair or more extensive damage that calls for windshield replacement. No matter your auto glass needs, Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis is ready to repair or replace your windshield.

windsheild repair

Here are a few factors our auto glass specialists consider to determine which course of action is necessary.

  • Extent of the damage: Dings and small cracks are often repairable, cracks longer than three inches and chips bigger than 3/8 of an inch are not repairable and the windshield must be replaced.
  • Location of the damage: Cracks along the edge of your windshield or in your line of vision usually require replacement.
  • Duration of damage: The longer you windshield is left unrepaired, the lower the chances that it can to be repaired. If your windshield has been damaged in any way, don't hesitate to act.
  • Overall integrity: Ultimately, the strength and integrity of your windshield must be maintained. If our auto glass specialists have any reason to doubt the safety of your windshield they will replace it.

Windshield Repair

The sooner you have our auto glass experts evaluate the damage to your windshield, the better the chances of repair. Cost, insurance benefits and environmental considerations all combine to make windshield repair an excellent option.

Windshield repair is quick and easy, usually requires only a few steps.

  1. Cleaning: The damaged area will be carefully cleaned and inspected to evaluate repair probability.
  2. Filing: In certain cases, a special drill bit is used to file the edges and create a deeper repository for the repair resin.
  3. Resin application: The resin is applied with a special tool that ensures that the crack is completely filled with no air bubbles.
  4. Curing: After the resin is injected it is cured under high heat.

Windshield Replacement

If our auto glass experts determine that a windshield replacement is necessary it is important to have it done as quickly as possible. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), the windshield makes up 60% of the structural integrity of a vehicle in the case of a roll over. Even the smallest amount of damage will lower that percentage. Glass Doctor of Minneapolis will follow AGSC replacement guidelines. All of our windshield replacements are covered with our exclusive G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, which provides repair or replacement of the glass for 12 months. Call us today for your quote!