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Custom Glass Solutions

Whether you are searching for custom glass tabletops, one-of-a-kind glass shelving or made-to-order mirrors Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis has the products to complement your home's decor. If you need bigger items, such as glass patio doors, French doors or high-quality windows, our specialists repair, replace or install what you need.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis offer professional consultation in order to assist you in selecting the right products and custom features to create glass shelving the way you desire. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles available, our specialists design custom shelving that provides the right look and level of functionality you are searching to design.

Regardless of whether you are in need of replacement glass for your table or if you're hoping to update your style, our specialists deliver quality insulation. Add glass to protect existing tables or install new glass into old broken tables. Select from your choice of customized edge work, glass tint, specialized coatings and thicknesses. We install different glass types, including laminated and tempered glass. Check with our specialists to see which type is right for your home.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors often provide the illusion of added space while offering a creative touch that works with almost any style. Glass Doctor of Minneapolis specialist assist you in creating the look you've been searching for when it comes to full mirrored walls, vanity mirrors, mirrored closet doors and custom framed mirrors. Select from tinted mirrors, mirrors with an antique style, beveled mirrors or customized decorative mirrors and enhance the decor in your home today.

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Patio and French Doors

Update the style of your exterior patio doors, replace broken door glass, install new glass doorlites or add a unique touch to the interior of your home with the help of the specialists at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis. We offer a wide variety of glass door products to meet your needs regardless of your situation, including double pane windows with sliding blinds, decorative glass inserts, all-weather and energy efficient glass.

Low-E Glass Windows

Protect your home's decor from damaging UV rays and reduce energy costs when you opt to have our specialists install low-emissivity (Low-E) glass windows in your home. Low-E glass is coated in thin metallic material that resists the transmission of UV rays, preventing sunlight exposure from harming window coverings, carpeting and other furnishings. Since this specialty glass is designed to reduce glare and resist heat transmission, the climate inside your home will remain stable as well.

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