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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Showers serve both a functional and aesthetic need for Minneapolis homeowners. From standard to elaborate designs, Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis offers services no matter what your design interest are. Our glass specialists are ready to guide you through the entire process of designing your glass enclosure, choosing the materials and installation. Before you begin creating an upgraded shower or tub enclosure, there are a few things you need to think about and discuss with your Glass Doctor specialist.

  • Configuration: You can design just about any look for your bathroom and can select from a range of glass and style options, but you can only go so far with the current layout and limitations your bathroom has. As far as placement and weight loads, it is important to know what limitations your bathroom has.
  • Shower Heads: The best looking glass shower system is not complete without a functional, yet elegant shower head. Choose a shower head that compliments your style and design while also being functional and supplying you with that you want and need as far as pressure and other features.
  • Measurements: Allow our Glass Doctor of Minneapolis specialist into your home to measure your space. Measuring your bathroom yourself may create bigger risks and throw off the entire installation.
  • Ventilation: Bathrooms may become very humid and damp because of all the moisture lingering in the air. This can lead to mold and mildew growth within your bathroom’s walls and ceilings. To avoid these problems, it is important to consider your ventilation; Glass Doctor of Minneapolis can install additional ventilation systems to help your bathroom stay dry. 

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor has provided examples and ideas for your new shower door or tub enclosure.

When you are ready to renovate your shower doors or tub enclosures, contact Glass Doctor of Minneapolis! Our specialists will perform an in-home consultation and create the best shower door option for your Minneapolis home!