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Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis is pleased to offer your business a proactive glass care program that ensures facility safety and employee peace of mind. Our Advance Measurement System helps you plan for the unexpected glass emergency and keeps your business running with a minimum amount of disruption.

The Value of a Business Recovery Plan

Careful planning helps your business minimize any losses that may occur due to a disaster, no matter if it is man-made or natural. Being prepared for any emergency glass repair or replacement services before disaster strikes is one of the most valuable policies your business will develop, helping it emerge relatively unscathed from any unexpected misfortunes.

We highly recommend that every Kansas City-area business consider signing up for our Advance Measurement System and discover for themselves the benefits it offers, including:

  • The time and money you’ll save when all work is completed in one trip.
  • Preservation of your business’ security and prevention of vandalism or theft.
  • Safe-guarding your business’ appearance by quickly replacing broken glass and avoiding unsightly board-ups.

Advance Measurement System

The process begins when our highly-trained specialists visit your business and conduct a comprehensive survey of your current panes. A detailed list is made of each piece of glass with characteristics of size, shape and type carefully cataloged. Each piece is assigned an identifying number, and all numbers are correctly arranged onto a diagram of your facility.

When any piece of glass in your building is damaged, simply call in the reference number and our team will quickly arrive to replace it! If a particular pane is not in stock, we’ll temporarily board up the space and return as soon as your pane becomes available. In the majority of cases, we are able to take care of the repair job on our first trip to your site.

In-Stock Options

If your business suffers frequent glass breakage, we offer an in-stock program that ensures the panes you need most frequently are always available. Be sure to ask about our laminated and tempered glass options which both offer an added layer of protection for employees and customers alike.

Don’t let disaster strike your business without a proactive glass care program in place! Make an appointment with Glass Doctor of Minneapolis today to learn more about what our Advance Measurement program can do for your business’ disaster recovery plan.