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Door Closer Repair Service

Great customer service begins the moment a customer steps foot into your building, making it critical that your door operates safely. Doors that open easily give consumers confidence in your operations and help them feel welcome. Make sure the first impression that customers form start with a door that works well with the door closer repair and maintenance services from Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis.

Purpose of Door Closers

Door closers on manual doors are devices that allow individuals to open glass doors easily. When an individual lets go of the door, the closer brings it back to the frame. A properly installed door closer causes a user to feel a bit of initial resistance when first opening a door. The door then glides open effortlessly. After a user stops pushing or pulling the door open, a spring within the mechanism forces the arm connected to the door to close it gently.

Common Door Closer Problems

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis receive comprehensive and ongoing training in the installation, repair and maintenance of door closers. We always follow industry best practices and appropriately rated hardware to maximize a door closer’s life and ensure its safety. You can always trust our glass specialists for all your door closer repair needs. Common reasons that our new customers require repairs include:

  • Incorrect door closer type: The best closer for a door depends on the door’s weight, size, location and frequency of use. Installing the wrong type of door closer poses a safety risk and may damage the door.
  • Poor adjustments or installation: Always hire a trained specialist to perform door closer repair, installation and maintenance services, including spring adjustments. Failing to do so could cause misalignments, user injuries, unexpected door movements, doorframe damage, and energy losses.
  • Broken seals and lubrication problems: A visible gap in a door closer indicates a broken seal, which could lead to hardware damage and lubricant losses. Lubrication leaks are also an indication of mechanical problem, such as broken O-rings. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis will always ensure your door closer has sufficient lubrication to prevent your door from opening too fast.
  • Door locking problems: Doors that are difficult to lock sometimes have door closer problems. A door closer repair will help prevent further damage to the locking mechanism, closer and doorframe.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance Services

Keep your door and its closer in top condition by contacting Glass Doctor of Minneapolis for all of your door closer repair, maintenance and installation needs, especially if the closer has an active warranty. Failing to use a trained expert to perform such services might void the device’s warranty. Our door closer repair and maintenance program is a simple way to ensure your door operates safely and predictably. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis also fix doorframes, thresholds, door hardware, hinges, windows and broken glass.

Contact Glass Doctor of Minneapolis today to learn more about our comprehensive door closer solutions or to schedule a complimentary on-site consultation.