Window Repair & Replacement

If you have one or several windows that need attention, call Glass Doctor® of Lubbock and let us get to work. Whether it's a broken pane, a damaged frame, worn seals or another window problem, our experienced window experts will fix the problem quickly and professionally.

Window Repair

Whether it's new damage or damage that's been developing over time, window glass repair is our specialty. Whether you have single pane, double, or triple pane windows, the experts at Glass Doctor of Lubbock know exactly how to deliver the most economical, secure window repair or replacement needed. Count on our team to restore your panes.

Emergency Services

If an accident damages one of your home's windows and leaves you exposed, call Glass Doctor of Lubbock and we'll send a window glass repair specialist to repair the damage. We understand the urgency of a broken window and are on call 24/7 to respond. Don't leave your family and property exposed to intruders and the weather when all it takes is a phone call to fix the damage. We'll clear any broken glass from the window and surrounding area to ensure your family's safety. If for some reason we can't complete the repair on our initial visit, we'll ensure the window is boarded and sealed before we leave.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows require special treatment to ensure they function at their best. If you notice your double pane windows collecting condensation or fogging up, you probably have a damaged seal. We can replace damaged and worn seals to restore the window's efficient insulating ability. 

Specialty Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Lubbock experts repair most types of non-standard glass items. Ask our team to restore or install garage door glass, mirrors, vanity glass, shower doors, glass tabletops and glass shelving. We precisely measure your existing decor to provide you with high-quality glass additions. If it's made out of glass, Glass Doctor of Lubbock can fix it.

Window Replacement

If you're ready to upgrade your windows for increased curb appeal, value and efficiency, let Glass Doctor of Lubbock show you options for multi-pane windows. An added benefit of these types of windows is noise reduction. Another option is low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. This type of glass uses a clear, metallic coating to block the sun's harmful rays. This cut down on interior glare, and also protects furniture and artwork from fading.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

With the application of our hydrophobic coating glass protectant, your windows are protected against scratches that reduce the glass' clarity. The protectant also helps to minimize the buildup of stains caused by hard water, environmental pollutants and mineral deposits. Windows protected with hydrophobic coating are also easier to clean, especially helpful for second story windows and other hard to access areas.

Window Tinting

Just like with automobiles, we can add tinting to your home's windows to reduce UV exposure, glare and keep interiors cooler. We have a variety of tint options available depending on your preference. Improve the energy efficiency of your home and protect the durability of your furnishings with home window tint.

Window Component Repair

Your home's windows are more than just glass. They also have hardware components that need occasional repair. These include locks, tilt latches, shutters, hinges and other items.

Gain the Advantage

For homeowners who want to be prepared for any home glass emergency, we offer the Glass Doctor Advantage Plan®. Here are some benefits of plan membership:

  • Priority Scheduling: Our window glass repair specialists are always on call, but Advantage Plan members receive priority service in the case of a conflict or high-demand situation.
  • Discounts: Members receive discounts on labor for most repairs.
  • Home inspection: A glass specialist will inspect your home's windows for damage, wear and signs of trouble.
  • Breakage guarantee: Good for the life of your membership.

If you need home glass repair or any other type of home glass work, contact Glass Doctor of Lubbock online or call us at (806) 368-0701 for fast, professional service.