Emergency Business Glass Services

Whether your business is a victim of vandalism or it has sustained storm damage, emergency business glass repair is necessary to help you reestablish security. Glass Doctor® of Lubbock provides prompt emergency assistance and additional programs to our commercial clients that help them ensure that any broken commercial glass will not cause any major disruption to the business operations.

Emergency Repairs

Glass Doctor of Lubbock offers emergency business glass repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our glass specialists can assess your commercial glass repair needs to determine the best method to use to help make the repairs in the fastest and most efficient manner. We can complete emergency board-up services to protect the security of your business until we are able to install new glass for your business.

Advanced Measurement

To decrease the amount of time to repair your broken commercial glass, we offer an Advance Measurement system. This unique system helps you anticipate future needs. You also save time by pre-establishing credit and listing your contact information in our database. Our skilled specialists go to your business and measure each window and glass insert. They make a customized diagram that links each window with a certain number indicator. If you are ever in need of emergency business glass repair, simply inform the glass specialist at Glass Doctor of Lubbock of the number of the window on the diagram that is associated with the broken glass. We match your needs with the options that are currently in stock. This allows us to replace your broken commercial glass in one visit, saving you valuable time and having only a minimal effect on your business. This also saves your business from the need to have board-up completed on your business, so customers or clients do not see this unsightly temporary fix at your business. 

The Advanced Measurement program is a revolutionary system that helps you to take proactive steps to protect your business. Contact a representative at Glass Doctor of Lubbock today to add your name to the list of satisfied commercial clients who are part of this unique program.

In-Stock Replacement Program

If you have a continuous need for commercial glass repair for particular windows or glass inserts, you may want to consider our in-stock replacement program. As part of this program, we keep extra glass in stock for your business so that if you ever have a need for emergency business glass repair, we can quickly use the in-stock option that you have selected.

Commercial Care

For the most efficient emergency business glass repair option, enroll in our Commercial Care program. This system is designed to save you valuable time and money by offering priority after-hours response, discounted board-up services and membership pricing. 

At Glass Doctor of Lubbock, we are dedicated to helping you save time and money by quickly getting your business back and running with our emergency business glass repair services.

Contact our experts with our online form or at (806) 368-0701 today to inquire about our unique service offerings.