Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Lubbock offers local businesses the chance to include proactive glass care in their disaster recovery plans. Our Advance Measurement system creates a care plan for every pane in your establishment.

Quick Emergency Repairs

Once you enroll, our specialists will survey your facility and measure each of your panes. Our team will record the type and size of glass needed and note any safety and code requirements. Locations of each pane will be numbered on a unique diagram of your property. Anytime your glass breaks, call Glass Doctor of Lubbock to report the number of the broken pane, using your diagram. Our team will match the number to our panes in the shop. If the pane is in stock, we will replace it immediately. Completing the installation in a single visit will save your shop or office time and money. When you create an Advance Measurement plan, your credit will be pre-established, further expediting the replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If your glass breaks often, Glass Doctor of Lubbock can pre-order your panes through our In-Stock program. This way, you’ll always have the glass you need, when you need it.

The Benefits of the Advance Measurement System

Joining the Advance Measurement system ensures your installation will be completed in one trip, so your daily business transactions remain uninterrupted and you save money. Quick completion means reduced liability and enhanced security. Your property remains beautiful when you don’t have to deal with ugly board-ups. Payment is a breeze because your credit will be established in advance, eliminating possible billing conflicts. Practice proactive glass care.

Contact Glass Doctor of Lubbock today to schedule your advance measurement inspection today.