Door Closer Repair Service

Your business' initial impression depends on your entry. If you're opening feature is a door closer in poor repair, it's not a positive start. Door closers not only create ease of access, but also ensure safety. If you haven't had door closer care lately, it's time to call the experts at Glass Doctor® of Lubbock.

How Door Closers Work

Most manual door closers are comprised of a spring mechanism and hydraulic damper. When someone uses the door, it stores the energy from opening the door and uses it to close the door. During use, a person may feel slight resistance, which comes from the weight of the door, but it quickly dissipates, allowing the door to slide open easily. When you stop putting pressure on the door, the spring forces the arm to close slowly until the door is back within the frame.

Door Closer Repair

Correcting door closer issues is our specialty. Count on our experts to professionally restore your entryway.

  • Incorrect types of door closers: Incorrect door closers can lead to big issues. If a door is using the wrong type of closer, either for a door much heavier or much lighter, it creates potential hazards. These hazards include misalignments, damage and safety risks for door users.
  • Improperly installed closers: If a door closer hasn't been adjusted or installed correctly, it shortens the lifespan of the door and door closer. Often, improperly performed door closer services leads to doorframe damage, unexpected or jerky movements of the door or misalignments. The door closer experts at Glass Doctor of Lubbock have the training and skills to correctly complete the job. By investing in professional services, you'll safeguard your door against premature wear.
  • Seal repairs and oil levels: The hydraulic system on your manual door closer uses oil. When the oil level is low, or a seal causes a leak, creates a mechanical issue for the door. It's essential to have a professional service your door closer regularly. During a visit, our service professionals will:
    • Replace missing screws
    • Correct the oil level
    • Check and replace broken O-ring
  • Difficult to lock: Don't let a lock become a liability. If you have trouble locking your door, it can turn into a security risk. It's important to address the issue quickly.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Great service starts with a functional and attractive entry. Don't let poor door closer care prevent your business from presenting their best. Our service professionals repair and maintain your door closer by assessing and working on doorframes, hinges, thresholds, hardware and any other parts that need professional care. Plus, if your door closer is under warranty, using Glass Doctor of Lubbock also ensures said warranty doesn’t become void. To learn more about our door closer services, Contact us today.