Custom Glass Solutions

The team at Glass Doctor® of Louisville will install or repair your customizable home glass decor. Our specialists are certified to assist you with the customization of sparkling glass tabletops, patio and French doors, glass shelving units and mirrors. We will also help you keep your furniture and home decor protected from damaging UV rays by installing low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. We take pride in our performance and can be trusted with all of your customized glass needs.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Louisville will measure and create custom glass tabletops for your new or existing furniture. Your glass tabletop can be custom cute in the size and shape of your choice, using numerous finished edges.

Our specialists will come to your home and provide a professional consultation, discussing glass tint, edgework detail, thickness and any safety concerns you might have.

We also offer custom shelving to create a more organized home or office. Glass tabletops and shelves can be crafted from tinted or coated glass to protect your furniture or home furnishings from harmful UV rays. To protect your children and pets, in case of breakage, laminated and tempered glass is available. 

Custom Mirrors

Customized mirrors provide decorative flair, create the illusion of added space and enhance lighting. Our specialists will help you to find the right custom mirror solution for your space.

Patio and French Doors

The team at Glass Doctor of Louisville will restore or replace your broken door glass with upgraded doorlites. We also renovate entryways and install matching side windows for your entry doors. We offer several types of glass inserts, including:

  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Decorative glass with matching side window panes
  • Energy efficient glass options
  • All-weather glass which meets or exceeds regulations
  • Hurricane-rated laminated glass

Because we have partnered with numerous vendors, we can quickly access in-stock door glass products, in a variety of designs.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows work like sunglasses, protecting your home decor from damaging UV rays and reducing glare. Reflective Low-E glass is growing in popularity, especially in residential and office buildings. Low-E windows utilize thin metallic coatings that reduce the amount of visible light transmission to your interior by around 10%. This specialized glass product can be applied either using a specialized vacuum (sputter) or pyrolytic process.

Because of their resistance to ultraviolet light, Low-E glass windows protect your interior from damage. Your draperies, carpets, sofas and other home furnishings will stay safe from fading and premature aging. Low-E windows also help with internal climate control, which can significantly decrease your energy costs. Your home will increase in value and comfort.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with custom glass decor, contact Glass Doctor of Louisville for the perfect solution for your home.