Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Louisville encourages proactive glass care for every business in Jefferson County. We hope to expedite your service with our one-of-a-kind Advance Measurement system. Serving companies in Jeffersonville, Louisville, New Albany and surrounding areas, this program ensures the quickest glass repairs. Implementing proactive glass care will save your company money while ensuring your appearance never suffers from glass damage.

Proactive Glass Care for Your Damage Recovery Plan

During your onsite consultation, Glass Doctor of Louisville professionals will measure all glass and mirror windows, doors and fixtures at your property. We will record what you have, what you may want for the future, all areas that need security-rated or heavier-weight glass and code requirements. Then we will diagram your site. The map of your building will tell us exactly where your glass is located and its dimensions. If possible, we’ll ensure your glass is already in stock, especially if you have glass windows that break frequently. To ensure we have your panes, we recommend enrolling in our In-Stock option.

The Advance Measurement Advantage

Business owners who believes in pre-emptive solutions will love our Advance Measurement system, which is a proactive glass care program. Your billing, insurance and contact information will be pre-established, making repairs and replacement even faster, and we’ll file paperwork directly with your insurance company. The benefits of Advance Measurement include:

  • Time savings: One-trip repair or replacement means we won’t have to interrupt your business operations for a return trip.
  • Convenience: Advance Measurement puts your important contact and billing information on file for easy access and quicker response.
  • Reduced liability: Our glass professionals will secure the damaged glass area by removing glass pieces and shards that could harm employees and customers.
  • Continuity of business operations: Pre-measuring and having your glass in-stock means we can effect repair or replacement when it’s most convenient to you. Sometimes we can have your new glass installed and clear the premises before you open for that day’s business!

Even Faster Emergency Repair

Glass Doctor of Louisville offers 24/7 emergency service to all homes and businesses, but as an Advance Measurement participant, you’ll go to the top of the list in the event of area-wide glass damage. No matter what time or day, call 502-804-2019 to notify our team of your damage.