G12 Windshield Guarantee

A cracked or chipped windshield should be repaired as soon as possible to minimize the costs of repair and to maintain the safety of your passengers. As soon as you detect a crack or chip in your windshield, contact the specialists at Glass Doctor® of London, ON, so we can examine and recommend the best solution.

Generally small chips and cracks are quickly repaired if the damage is not severed and if the repair is initiated quickly. Repair is not possible if the crack has been allowed to spread, dirt has penetrated the crack or the damage is near the edge of the glass or in the driver’s direct line of sight.

Windshield Repair

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Windshield repair usually takes less than an hour. Our trained specialist cleans the area around the damage, injects a resin to fill the cracked spaces and buffs and cleans the glass to leave an almost invisible repair that restores the architectural strength of your vehicle.

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes the damage is too extensive and a full windshield replacement is required.
Glass Doctor of London is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) and complies with all procedures and guidelines of the organization.

Before the work begins, you will receive a cost estimate and an explanation of the replacement procedure. The specialist will remove the old windshield and clean the area around the frame and moulding. An industry-approved adhesive is applied and the new windshield, matching the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality, is then placed on your vehicle.

Glass Doctor G12®Road Hazard Guarantee

One hour is required to allow the windshield adhesive to cure before the vehicle may be driven. This is a great time for Glass Doctor of London, ON, to review the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee in detail:

  • Our team agrees to repair or replace any new windshield within a period of 12 months of the installation. The damage must result during normal driving conditions. The guarantee is valid for one windshield replacement.
  • Damage resulting from acts of God, collision, fraud or intentional acts will not be eligible for replacement under the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee.
  • When your new windshield is damaged, your must contact Glass Doctor of London, ON.
  • Replacement must be performed at a Glass Doctor facility.
  • The windshield will be free. Labour, kits, clips and moulding are not included. Customers may purchase the additional G12 Future Installation Option that will cover all the costs of repair or replacement within the 12 months.
  • G12 Guarantee does not cover windshields on class A motor coaches, class 7 or 8 heavy duty trucks or buses.

If your windshield or other glass on your car, truck or RV has been damaged, schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of London, ON.

Some exclusions may apply.