Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Transforming interior design ideas is part of our business; Glass Doctor® of Lexington is ready to make your dream bathroom visions come to life. One central feature of any bathroom space is the shower or bathtub. Instead of installing a curtain and rod, choose to enhance the space with a glass enclosure. Shower doors and glass tub enclosures add a vibrant, modern design element. The glass enclosure will act as a focal point, create more light and add decorative design touches to the space. Our specialists will install anything from basic tub enclosures to heavy frameless shower doors.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures

Invest in your home’s value with an addition that maximizes your bathroom’s potential. We’ll discuss size, configuration and details with you before we begin work. Throughout the process, you’ll have the option to choose several appealing features and unique design aspects to your custom glass enclosure. Opting to forgo metal framing gives your new frameless shower doors a more streamline finish.

Shower Design Factors

glass doctor expert consulting smiling man and woman in front of glass shower doors in the bathroom Our glass specialists will come to your home to assess, measure and consult with you on any existing or potential structure. If you require framed glass doors, choose from a wide selection with different features that include weight, protective coating and tints.


Determining the best materials and layout is an essential part of creating a safe, beautiful and functional bathroom. Our glass experts will walk you through what your walls are made of, what will work best in your bathroom and make sure the configuration is ideal for the your space.

Shower Fixtures

Shower heads can add a decorative touch, but also serve an important purpose. Select fixtures that look good and don’t spray water in the wrong areas.


Costs and fit depend on accurate measurements. Our glass experts will get the right numbers so you get correct costs for materials and installation.


A moist bathroom leads to mold, health problems and other hazards. Prevent issues by installing excellent ventilation. Our team takes ventilation seriously, and will assess if yours is doing its job.

Shower Idea Center

Bathroom Improvement Our glass experts will guide you through the glass shower or tub addition process. We'll take into account your space and budget. Utilize our Shower Idea Center to view our gallery and gather information about your options.

If you're ready to begin the process, one call brings our specialists to you. During your in-home consultation we’ll make sure everything is covered, from ventilation and the correct shower head to layout, design and accurate measurements. When you contact our team at Glass Doctor of Lexington, your dream bathroom is one step closer to becoming a reality.