Advance Measurement System

Property damage caused by a break-in, accident or natural disaster hinders your ability to conduct daily operations. Glass Doctor® of Lexington understands businesses require disaster recovery solutions that reduce downtime and property maintenance costs. Our Advanced Measurement system is an innovative program that diminishes the time, expense and liabilities associated with structural or interior glass damage, delivering proactive glass care for local businesses.

Rapid Repair and Replacement

Broken windows, storefronts or door glass typically require a board-up process. While waiting for your complete repair, your customers and clients must navigate the damaged area, generating a tedious inconvenience and possible liabilities.

With our Advanced Measurement program, the waiting time for property restoration is significantly reduced. Our glass experts carefully catalog and record the type of glass utilized in your building, and then list that information on an easy-to-read diagram that numbers each pane. When you call to report glass damage, we’ll cross-reference your drawing with our current inventory. This type of proactive glass care enables us to arrive with your replacement, if it’s available, and complete your restoration immediately.

Superior Property Protection

In addition to advanced measurement, we deliver proactive glass care services that reduce maintenance costs and enhance property protection. Laminate peels create a quick solution for removing graffiti, while impact and fire-resistant glass are designed to reduce possible losses during a disaster.

As an added security, commercial property owners have the option to pre-purchase frequently damaged door or window glass. We’ll keep your items in stock to ensure the replacement service is completed with minimum downtime.

Professional Service

Our glass experts understand business priorities. Commercial enterprises that incorporate our proactive glass care system enjoy:

  • Simplified billing and cost allocation, with real-time access to account information.
  • Professional, customized account set-up.
  • Reduced recovery costs and discounted services.

Establish damage recovery solutions for your business today! Contact Glass Doctor of Lexington to arrange for your Advanced Measurement consultation.