Door Closer Repair Service

Impress every customer with a flawless entryway. Glass Doctor® of Lexington provides superior door closer repair and maintenance, protecting each guest while preventing any potential liability issues. Gain fully functional, user-friendly doors today!

Door Closer Functionality

Increase customer service, no matter your industry. Manuel door closers return doors to their original positions, eliminating any client concern to close entrance or interior doors. Users simply push, feeling slight resistance as the door swings out to an open position. When released, door closers use spring-stored tension within a durable, mechanical arm to gently close in place.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Ensure various door types within your business use the appropriate corresponding door closers. Heavy doors using weak door closers may misalign, posing a threat to employees and customers. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Lexington inspects and adjusts each door and corresponding door closer for impeccable safety.

Improper Adjustments and Installations

Expect our specialists to use industry-trusted tools and expertise to optimize door closers throughout your facility. We install and maintain door closers, preventing:

  • Irregular door movements
  • Doorframe damage
  • Misalignments

In addition, we check for missing screws and seal or O-ring breakage, which may also lead to issues. Report doors difficult to lock to ensure no security risks affect the overhead or reputation of your business.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Don’t void your door closer warranty with a do-it-yourself repair. We send our specialists to perform qualified door closer repair, doorframe repair and glass and hardware replacements.

Serving local businesses in Fayette County, Glass Doctor of Lexington delivers exceptional door closer services with courteous customer service. Call 859-402-1331 or complete an online order request form to gain comprehensive commercial care. We’ll schedule an onsite inspection at your convenience.