Custom Mirrors

When your goal is to add the illusion of space, enhance the beauty of your existing home decor or impress friends and family with fascinating additions that express your unique style, a touch of glass from the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Lexington is the perfect solution.

Custom Mirrors Create Depth

Make a small, less interesting space appear larger and more inviting when you strategically place custom mirrors throughout your home. Mirrors reflect ceilings, walls, artificial light and natural light to create the ambiance you need to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary rooms.

Customers enjoy a wide array of custom mirror options to meet their needs including:

  • Mirrored backsplashes: Ideal for creating depth in your kitchen, mirrored backsplashes bring character and interest to your home.
  • Statement pieces: Incorporate custom created mirrors in your living room to enhance the beauty of your fireplace, or add a custom mirror above your headboard to add elegance.
  • Mirrored walls: Invite guests into your home with custom wall mirrors that make small entryways and narrow hallways feel more welcoming.

Accentuating Your Existing Home Decor

Our experienced glass specialists will highlight your favorite artwork, collectibles and other home decor with unique glass solutions designed specifically with your taste in mind. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful tints, interesting finishes and unique edges to enhance the one of a kind style of your home. Inspiring ideas include:

  • Mirrored shelves: Draw attention to your favorite collectibles with the 360° panoramic view that is only achieved with custom mirrored shelving. Your antiques, sculptures and other unique pieces have never been more brilliant.
  • Hanging mirrors: Hang custom mirrors to direct natural or artificial light to an interesting space or to spotlight your favorite decorative arrangement.
  • Framed mirrors: Add framed mirrors to existing wall decor, bring a splash of inspiration to less interesting areas of your home, or enhance the unique molding and architecture in your home with impressively framed mirrors.

Enhancing Your Home's Natural Light

Make your home brighter and more inviting by using a multitude of custom mirror options to sprinkle reflected light throughout every room. We recommend home owners try:

  • Custom mirrored tabletops: Bring new life to an ordinary piece with mirrors that reflect lamp light as well as natural light from windows and doors.
  • Bedroom mirrors: When strategically placed mirrors are added to your bedroom decor, they reflect soft light to bring an element of sophistication and elegance.
  • Mounted mirrors: The illumination from desk lamps and other light sources is magnified with mounted mirrors in your library or home office.

Full-Length Mirrors Bring a New Perspective

Add full-length mirrors to closet doors, entryways and bathrooms to expand your perspective. Our specialists offer a variety of full-length mirror options including:

  • Framed mirrors: Uniquely framed full-length mirrors add a touch of class and elegance to any room in your home.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: See yourself from head to toe before meeting the public when you allow our specialists to install oversized mirrors in your favorite room.

For a free consultation and to find out more about custom mirror solutions for your home, call the experts at Glass Doctor of Lexington today.