Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Custom glass tabletops effortlessly add clear, clean beauty to every room. Glass tabletops speak to a sophistication that is in tune with every type of interior decor, and is a minimalist, transparent statement in board rooms and offices. Interior decor, personalized business glass, and customized outdoor recreation glass and mirror solutions are what we do. Our custom glass tabletops are designed with the quality of workmanship you'd expect from Glass Doctor of Jacksonville.®

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Since 1999, Glass Doctor of Jacksonville has provided professional consultation and service to area businesses and homeowners. When we visit you to discuss your glass and mirror options, we'll take many factors into consideration. We'll make a note of how the custom glass tabletops will be used, how often children or pets will be nearby, and what kind of edging and thickness works best with your furniture. Safety is always a major factor in deciding what kind of glass and mirror solutions you need.

Safety First with Security Film

Graphic of different glass edges

Even if your glass tabletop is used only as a display for products or collectibles, it can be damaged or broken and then pose a hazard to pedestrians, employees, children, and pets. One terrific safety feature is security film. The tinting can be clear and inconspicuous or enhance your decor with a hint of color. When professionally applied, security film can add an extra level of protection; if breakage occurs, the glass pieces will cling to the film, making the area safer and cleanup easier. Another benefit is that tinted glass can filter UV rays that are hazardous to carpet, drapes, furniture, and people.

Outdoor Glass Tabletops

Patio tables, outdoor dining settings and poolside furniture should be made of safety glass. Your custom glass tabletops can be designed using laminated or tempered glass. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville also uses this type of glass for shower doors and tub enclosures when working with renovation projects and new-home builds.

Custom Shelving

You may never notice the wall of glass shelving where clothing and other products are displayed in your local department store, but they're used because they look good and make viewing the items easier at a glance. In homes and offices, this same concept applies to displaying collectibles and art pieces. The advantage of custom glass and mirror shelving units is that, unlike store-bought units, they are designed and built to fit a designated wall or corner; the spaces between shelves are measured to fit your displays.

Exceptional Glass Decor

A walk-through and glass assessment at your home or office is free. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville is a local business with the advantage of national resources. Our glass professionals live in Clay, Duval, Jacksonville, Saint Johns, and surrounding Nassau County areas, so we want to give the best quality of service at the best prices to our neighbors. Contact Glass Doctor of Jacksonville today about custom glass tabletops for your home or business.