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Colored Glass

Glass Doctor® of Jacksonville is proud to bring colored glass to the Duval County market. Colored glass enhances the beauty of any home or business by adding dimension and brightness to the environment. Whether you are looking to make a featured wall pop or a make a splash of color in a bathroom or kitchen, there are unlimited possibilities available to add color to your environment. Colored glass creates an open feeling with the reflective qualities only glass can achieve.

Benefits of Colored Glass in your Kitchen

Eliminate the long and tedious process of grout cleaning and upgrade your kitchen’s backsplash with colored glass. Colored glass adds a pop of energy and originality to not only your kitchen, but also your entire home. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville can measure, install and perform routine maintenance on your new glass backsplash. From a vibrant orange to a mellow gray, Glass Doctor specialists are fully trained to assist you in upgrading your kitchen’s glass. There are several benefits for switching your old ceramic tile to colored glass.

  • Variety of color choices: Glass Doctor of Jacksonville offers colored glass that will compliment the theme and style of your kitchen. Our glass specialists can help you pick a color that will best suit your kitchen and home. With a variety of color choices to pick from, we ensure your selection will not be limited.
  • Light reflection: Adding glass to your kitchen will eliminate the need for installing more lights. Stop cooking and baking in the dark; upgrade to glass backsplashes, proven to reflect light, eliminate shadows and create a brighter kitchen.
  • Simple to clean: No need to buy special cleaning substances when you upgrade your ceramic backsplashes to glass. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville can help save you money by eliminating non-essential cleaners and grout cleaners.
  • Heat Resistance: Heat won’t change the shape, color or look of your glass backsplash. Also, heat does not affect the lifespan of your glass backsplash; making the need for repair or replacement less likely.

Installing Colored Glass in your Business

Not only can your home receive a Glass Doctor makeover, but your business can too. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville can upgrade your office building and fill it with color. Our specialists can change the ambiance in your office with the installation of colored glass. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville offers a variety of colors and glass designs that can create a more elegant and chic look for your clients. From the design process to installation, our specialists are certified and trained to help you meet your design goals.