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Can that crack in my windshield be fixed?

Can that crack in my windshield be fixed?

Most of us are used to looking through our windshields, not looking at them. So what do we do when a chip or crack occurs? 

Some windshield chips and cracks can be repaired. The size and location of the damage are key to determining whether repair or replacement would be more appropriate. The primary purpose of a windshield repair is structural. Special tools are used to inject an adhesive resin into the damaged area. Windshield repairs do significantly improve the appearance of the windshield but don't always make the damage completely disappear. 

Damage within the driver's line of site can obscure the driver's view and the windshield should be replaced. Otherwise, most cracks less than 3 inches long or chips smaller than a quarter can be repaired. Cracks and chips left uncorrected can spread, leaving the windshield structurally unsound. 

When you notice a chip or crack, call Glass Doctor® of Jacksonville. We will help you determine whether your auto glass can be repaired or if a replacement is needed. Schedule an appointment with one of our trained, experienced specialists to complete the work.