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What's Wrong with my Home's Windows?

"I’ve cleaned my windows but they still look dirty!" "My windows look foggy. Do I need to have my windows replaced?"

This is a common dilemma in Northeast Florida where many of our homes and insulated windows are reaching ten or more years old. Insulated windows are made with two panes of glass sandwiched closely together and sealed around the edges to form Insulated Glass Units (IGUs). Over time the seals tend to break down and allow moisture to leak in between the panes. This is what causes your windows to appear foggy or wet.

You generally have three options to address this issue.

  1. You can completely replace your windows. This is typically the most expensive option. Some vendors completely remove and replace the windows frame and all. Others use a method to install new windows over the old frames. Each has pros and cons. Be sure to consider other work required, such as patching or painting, and the resulting daylight opening of the windows.
  2. A less expensive approach is to have the moisture removed. Most glass professionals see this as a temporary treatment at best since the degraded seals will continue to allow moisture and small particles of dust or mold between the panes. It can also degrade the insulating properties of the window.
  3. A more practical option is to keep the frames and replace the glass. This long term solution is typically much less expensive than complete window replacement. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Jacksonville will accurately measure, order and install new IGUs that leave your windows looking like new. We will also discuss options such as tinted, low-e, or pattern glass to upgrade the performance and appearance of your windows. The process usually takes a few weeks from estimation to completion.

As with any home project, consider your options and shop around. Talk with friends and neighbors who’ve had similar work done. Do some research on-line, and look for the best value, not just the lowest price. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville provides information about how your windows are made, and information about their replacement.

The owners of Glass Doctor of Jacksonville live right here in Northeast Florida, and we love to help our neighbors.  Our free estimate and consultation is provided by the same glass specialists who will complete the work…no sales person. Give us a call at 904-269-0777. We’d be happy to answer questions about any of your glass needs for your home, auto or business.