Home Window Tinting

Your home, auto and business deserve the advantage that window tinting and security film can provide. Allow Glass Doctor® to install window tinting and film to bolster your benefits.


Glass affects your home’s energy efficiency, décor longevity and safety. Applying window tinting will protect your fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors from the sun's fading rays. Security film fortifies your home when shattered glass could leave it vulnerable. Every glass surface in your home can benefit from decorative film options, which instantly refreshes your abode. Upgrade your home with films on your glass shower, cabinet doors, tabletops and windows. A variety of patterns, colors and textures are available.


Security film forms your first line of defense against threats, whether they’re natural or manmade. Glass Doctor can install film that strengthens your windows and holds shattered glass in place should it break. This window addition keeps your view clear, reduces energy costs and protects your business.


No matter what you drive, we can outfit your vehicle with a window tint that fits your style and needs. Window film saves you and your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays, meaning you won’t burn and your car interior won’t fade. No one likes obnoxious glares or discovering that while your car was parked, it was converted into a sauna. Window tinting will reduce heat and glare.