Double Pane Windows

Homes in St. Joseph withstand piles of snow in the winter and heavy humidity in summer. Fluctuating temperatures substantially impact buildings; these effects are most noticeable on a home's windows, which are the primary source of temperature exchange in any building. Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MO specializes in replacing and installing insulated glass units (IGUs), which offer considerable benefits to St. Joseph homeowners.

Double pane windows, a type of IGU, were developed to maintain consistent temperatures inside the home and regulate the exchange of heat. When a window is improperly sealed, it leaks expensive climate-controlled air and creates uncomfortable drafts in your home. Cracked or broken seals, counteracting the benefits offered by this type of high-efficiency IGU, affect even buildings with double pane windows. Red flags that indicate a broken seal include a foggy appearance and condensation between the panes. Trust our glass specialists to restore your window's efficiency and beauty.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

The primary advantage of double pane windows is that they diminish heat transmittance through windows, making your interior environment more comfortable and energy efficient. In the winter, IGUs reduce heat loss; during the summer months, insulated glass decreases heat gain from the outside. Your HVAC system will run less to maintain a consistent temperature, saving you significant energy costs.

Insulated glass units are constructed of two or more pieces of high-quality glass, separated by a spacer that insulates and seals the space between each pane. The perimeter of the unit is sealed with a premium-grade sealant designed to prevent moisture from accumulating between the panes, which can cause condensation.

Double Pane Windows: Installation & Replacement

Broken or cracked seals allow moisture to penetrate between the panes of IGUs, resulting in condensation and a dirty, foggy appearance on the window. The insulating benefits of the windows are compromised, which alters your home’s ability to control the interior climate and tasks your HVAC systems.

Homeowners seeking to replace one or more windows can trust our specialists to select the product that best suits their needs, including double or triple pane models. Or choose from window upgrades that reduce energy bills, while maintaining comfort. The experienced team at Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO will replace worn or broken windows with advanced products that boost your home’s value and increase comfort.

Low-Emissivity Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) technology consists of panes that reduce sun glare and filter out dangerous UV rays, much like a pair of sunglasses. An innovative, thin metallic coating enables Low-E glass to lower visible light transmission by approximately 10%. The panes are UV ray resistant, thus preventing the damage ultraviolet light can cause to interior design elements and home furnishings. A Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO specialist can tell you more about upgrading your windows to Low-E models that offer a variety of benefits.

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